The Einstein Project - 2012 Art Gallery

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Portraits of Life Studio contributes "Far Out Franky"

The Einstein Project - 2012 Art Gallery

"Far Out Franky" is currently on display in the windows of the Children's Museum of Green Bay. He is a donation that I created for the The Einstein Project - a nonprofit organization partnering with schools and communities to provide leadership and support for science education in Wisconsin.

The Einstein Project is celebrating 10 years of "On Parade" with a multitude of critters - including "Far Out Franky". Check out "Far Out Franky" in the The Einstein Project 2012 Art Gallery!

A friend and colleague told me about The Einstein Project and has contributed with her artwork in the past and mentioned that I should give it a go. After doing a little research and learning about the project, I immediately wanted to be a part of it and contribute to the cause. I firmly believe in education, and I am always looking to contribute; and in what better way than with art?

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