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  • Oil

    "Oils are like painting with colored butter... adding the flavor of life to paintings."
  • Pastel

    "With pastels, the artist can create so many textures and so many colors!"
  • Watercolor

    "Watercolors provide the ability to define subjects and yet also allow them to melt together."
  • Pencil

    "I get lost in the details - having so many values available in one stick of lead is amazing."

The Studio

Welcome to
Portraits of Life Studio

Featuring works of fine art in paint, pastel and pencil, Portraits of Life Studio is based in Hortonville, Wisconsin. In addition to portfolios featuring my artwork, I will share the latest news regarding new projects, current exhibitions, interesting events and sources of inspiration.

If you like like what you see, please spread the word!

The Artist

Meet Mike Carabetta
Home Mike

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The Galleries

Portraits of Life Studio artwork includes depictions of wild animals, landscapes, still-life and vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Contact me to order a portrait of your loved one, a pet or favorite sports figure.

Visit the Galleries page to get more information about custom orders.

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The Blog

The Portraits of Life Studio blog keeps you up-to-date about New Projects and Exhibitions, not only mine, but others I might find interesting. I also share the Latest News about events in my studio and whatever art news that feeds my imagination, my perspective and my technique.

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The Services

Portraits of Life Studio accepts commissions in the following mediums: Oil, Pastel, Colored Pencil, Pencil and Charcoal.

Mural commissions, custom label design work, greeting cards, note cards and invitation design are also available. Visit the Galleries page for more information.

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"Animation of a brush splashing paint from a can as it stirsPigment that is dispersed into a liquid, called a vehicle, that includes a binder to make it adhere both to itself and to the surface to which it is applied. Many can have a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish. Types of paint include tempera, watercolor, oil paint, gouache, enamel, encaustic, fresco, lacquer, oriental lacquer, acrylic, and secco."
"Slow drying paint made when pigments are mixed with an oil, linseed oil being most traditional. The oil dries with a hard film, and the brightness of the colors is protected. Oil paints are usually opaque and traditionally used on canvas. They can have a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish."
"Any paint that uses water as a solvent. Paintings done with this medium are known as watercolors. What carries the pigment in watercolor (called its medium, vehicle, or base) is gum arabic. An exception to this rule is water miscible oil paints, which employ water as their solvent, but are actually oil paints. When made opaque with white, watercolor is generally called gouache."
"Pigments mixed with gum and water, and pressed into a dried stick form for use as crayons. Works of art done with such pigments are also called pastels. Chalk is similar to pastel, but more tightly bound. A picture made with pastels may be called either a drawing or a painting. The principal reason to call it one or the other has nothing to do with whether it has ever been wet. It has entirely to do with whether the resulting image is more linear or more painterly — showing shapes or forms created with patches of color, exploiting color and tonal relationships."
"An implement for drawing or writing (lettering), consisting of a thin rod of graphite, colored wax, chalk, charcoal, or another such substance which can be sharpened to a fine point, either encased in wood or held in a mechanical holder. Given the importance of the human brain, eye, and hand, there may be nothing as fundamental for the production of art than the pencil."

- Definitions compiled from ArtLex Art Dictionary